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Relationship, Engagement
& Consultation Protocol

Historic agreement is first of
its kind in Canada

Statements from leadership

Mi’gmaq Flag Raising Ceremony June 4th, 2019

About the Protocol

    1. Define the roles and responsibilities of the parties in:

      1. Relationship building;

      2. Consultation and Accommodation; and

      3. Proponent Engagement with the Mi’gmaq First Nations.

    2. Complement the Mi’gmaq/Canada/New Brunswick Interim Consultation Protocol, as amended;

    3. Prescribe the steps for a practical, transparent and respectful approach to adequate and purposeful engagement, and meaningful consultation and accommodation, where appropriate;

    4. Provide guidance to proponents seeking to do business at the Port on their role in these processes;

    5. Implement wise practices from existing protocols/policies related to the Federal Port Authority community and other federal agents with the intention to meet or exceed the standards and processes set out in these documents;

    6. Provide a living document that is subject to a regular review by the parties on an ongoing basis; and

    7. Represent a step in the ongoing process of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships and reconciliation between the parties.

    The Owners agree that purpose of this Protocol is to:

  • The protocol was signed in May 31st 2018.

  • The parties involved are

    • the Belledune Port Authority (BPA)

    • Oinpegitoig First Nation (Pabineau);

    • Ugpi’ganjig First Nation (Eel River Bar); and

    • Mi’gmawe’I Tplu’taqnn Inc (Mi’gmawe’I Tplu’taqnn) representing for the purposes of the Protocol eight {8} of its member First Nations: Oinpegitjoig First Nation (Pabineau); Ugpi’ganjig First Nation Eel River Bar); Amlamgog (Fort Folly); Esgenoopetitj; L’nui Menikuk (Indian Island); Natoaganeg (Eel Ground); Metepenagiag Mi’kmaq Nation; Tjipogtotig (Buctouche) (collectively the “Mi’gmaq First Nations”)

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