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100th Ship of 2008 at the Port of Belledune

The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) officially greeted the M.V. “Free Knight”, the 100th ship to lay anchor at the Port of Belledune in 2008.

The M.V “Free Knight” is registered in the Bahamas and her last port of call was Puerto Cabello (Port of Cabello) in Venezuela. The vessel’s agent is Calypso Marine Agency represented by Mr. Robert Legacé. The M.V “Free Knight” docked at the Port of Belledune the morning of November 22nd, 2008 where the Vessel is currently loading Zinc Concentrate.  The next stop for the M.V “Free Knight” will be at a Port in Korea.

Ms. Jenna Doucet, Director of Marketing of the BPA acknowledged “the Belledune Port Authority staff and Board of Directors have been working continuously to ensure growth at the Port of Belledune. In 2008 the Port shipped the first load of wood pellets from the new Shaw Group Inc. Wood Pellet Facility in Belledune to Rotterdam, Netherlands; the first load of aggregates from local resources to Florida, USA; and a significant number of vessels carrying project cargo such as mobile homes destined for northern Canada.” She also stated that “2008 has been an exceptional year so far! In 2007 there were a total of 84 ships that docked in Belledune; consequently welcoming the 100th ship at the Port of Belledune in November of 2008 is a significant milestone affirming growth and diversification at our port.”

Without these excellent customers, growth at the Port of Belledune would be stagnant; the BPA wishes to acknowledge their customers for their partnership and cooperation.

Along with the M.V “Free Knight”, the M.V “Jo Aspen”, the M.V “CSL Argosy”, the M.V “Atlantic Erie”, the M.V “Golten”, and the M.V “Atlantic Huron” are scheduled to anchor at the Port of Belledune before November 30, 2008.


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