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Adirondack Competition & Exhibit Guidelines

In celebration of the Port of Belledune’s 50th Anniversary, we cordially invite all Artists and Artisans to participate in a unique competition.

The Port of Belledune has participated in numerous community initiatives in the past. Throughout the anniversary year, the Port will incorporate arts, education, family and business in the celebrations.

Competition Description: This is a great way to show the region and the world what you have to offer as an Artist!

The Port is seeking all interested Artists and Artisans to participate in an art competition showing your talent and your portrayal of the Port. With a chance to win $1000.00 we expect the competition to be high.

The Port will provide one (1) unfinished wooden Adirondack chair to the first fifty (50) applicants. The applicant will have the opportunity to take the chair home with them (assembly may be required), and use this chair as their canvas. The chair can be painted or decorated to the Artist or Artisans choosing, but must be functional and be able to receive a weather-proofing clear coat. The Artist is responsible to return the completed chair to the Port by March 30th, 2018

The competition will conclude with the contest being held online on the Port’s website for the public to vote on their favourite chair.

• Register as a contestant with Jana Doucet, Marketing & Communications Coordinator at by 4:00pm October 20th, 2017 • Create your artwork to be ready for delivery March 30th, 2018. • All Rules & Regulations as described below must be followed throughout the Competition.

The Challenge: Decorate or paint the supplied unfinished wooden Adirondack chair to reflect your portrayal of the Port of Belledune.

Over the past 50 years the Port has gone through transformational changes including economic, architecture, development, growth and personnel. The struggles and triumphs

overcome by Northern New Brunswick and the resiliency of the people within are somehow represented by the Port. As the Port grows, so does the strength of the people who surround it.

The Benefits & The Prize: The Port is excited to embark on this artistic journey with all of the competition participants. As such the Port is offering the following as incentives for participation:

Benefits: • Artist Recognition – Each submission will have a plaque mounted on it with the name of the Artist. • Publications – The 1st place winning submission will be featured in at least one Edition of the BPA CargoFlex News Magazine and a press release issued by the BPA. The 2nd and 3rd place winning submissions will be featured in at least one edition of the BPA CargoFlex. • Display – The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winning submissions will be put on display at the Port office for the remainder of the year following the prizes being awarded. The remaining chairs may be displayed at various locations throughout the region, given to charities, as prizes, or auctioned for charity.

Prize: Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners. • 1st place prize is $1000.00 • 2nd place prize is $500.00 • 3rd place prize is $250.00

The Judging: Judging will be conducted on the Port of Belledune’s website, with voting open to the public. To be included in the judging, the Adirondack chair must meet the following criteria: • The Artist portrayed the Port throughout their submission • Meets the requirements of the Competition Rules & Regulations • Shows a unique interpretation of the Port of Belledune

The Rules & Regulations: 1. The Port will supply the first 50 applicants with an unfinished wooden Adirondack chair to be painted/decorated by the artist. 2. All deadlines as set by this document must be followed. No exceptions will be made. 3. All submissions must be tasteful. The Port reserves the right to disqualify any entry at any time. 4. All submissions must keep the Adirondack chair functional and be able to receive a clear-coat to weather proof it from the elements. 5. The Port reserves the right to use all submissions for duplication, display and distribution purposes. Submissions will be the property of the Port, and may be used however the Port sees fit. 6. Each artist may submit 1 entry only. 7. The artwork must be original work belonging to the artist presenting it. No copied images will be accepted as entries.

PORT 50 Anniversary-Art Competition-Guidelines-ENGLISH.pdf


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