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Annual General Meeting 2023: Achieving a sustainable business future with community at its heart

The Belledune Port Authority shared how it is advancing its vision for a new, clean energy economy for northern New Brunswick at its 2023 Annual General Meeting, held June 19.

“With support from our communities, First Nations, our Board of Directors and both levels of government, we are transforming our operations and cargo mix to attract new investments and propel the development of our Green Energy Hub,” said Denis Caron, BPA President and CEO.

Just like many other parts of the world, the BPA is moving away from fossil fuel-based

heavy industry and toward green energy and low-carbon industry, while building its

core business and increasing revenues.

With $1.2 Million from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Port has launched a series of planning, feasibility and technical studies to identify site requirements for the

development of green hydrogen production on Port lands.

Port leaders attended the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands in May with the premier to promote the Port of Belledune as a destination of choice for clean energy in Canada and around the world.

In November, the Province made important changes to the Electricity Act, eliminating

regulatory and legislative barriers to clean hydrogen production while also unveiling a

comprehensive hydrogen strategy and Energy Roadmap aimed at fostering a robust

and sustainable hydrogen economy.

While the Port pursues work towards an industrial renaissance for the region, its

operations continue to grow. With the expansion of Terminals 3 and 4 through a $35

million National Trade Corridors project in 2023, the Port has increased the footprint for Quebec Stevedoring’s operations, laying the foundation for many more successful years of cargo handling.

Also in 2023, the Port launched a new community-led advisory committee to explore opportunities and challenges related to green energy development at the Port. The committee is serving as a forum for community members to exchange information, share opportunities and identify barriers to growth.

“A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated team at the port and to our board of directors,”  said Caron. “Together we are building a sustainable future for generations to come.”


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