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Arctic Technology Conference

The Belledune Port Authority is currently participating in an Arctic Technology Conference.

The purpose of the trip is to promote the Port of Belledune’s new Infrastructure, Modular Fabrication Facilities and the port’s position as the Arctic Gateway. The conference is designed to address the cutting-edge technologies and innovative practices needed for exploration and production in the arctic.

The technical presentations cover seven key topical areas: resources; exploration; drilling; production drilling; facilities and export; physical environment; logistics and marine transport; and regulatory and environment. Speakers from all over the world have gathered at this conference in Houston, Texas to present information that will shape the future of the arctic.

“The Port of Belledune is ideally located and has the necessary infrastructures in place to benefit from these exploration initiatives in arctic regions,” explained Jenna Doucet, BPA Director of Marketing, “the arctic initiatives are ever changing and there is more and more information available on a regular basis. Captain Wynford Goodman, BPA Director of Operations, and I have been taking advantage of the conference to learn about new developments that the Port of Belledune can benefit from and work to support. The topics have been fascinating thus far and support marketing initiative the Port of Belledune launched in October 2010.”

The Port of Belledune is a year round port that offers longer shipping seasons to arctic regions, modern infrastructure, a high quality workforce and potential cost savings as Your Arctic Gateway.

For more information:

Jenna Doucet, Director of Marketing


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