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Belledune delegation launches website and promotes the 56th Association of Canadian Port Authorities

Belledune, NB – The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) is currently participating at the 55th Association of Canadian Port Authorities annual AGM and conference in Nanaimo, BC. The Nanaimo Port Authority has done a great job of organizing this years’ event and has truly created a standard for the BPA to meet next year.

Members of the BPA Board of Directors and staff will spend the next three days in conference sessions that address the marine industry, economic outlook and the overall state of global shipping as it relates to Canadian ports. The delegation is taking the opportunity to exhibit at this year’s event with New Brunswick tourism brochures, handouts and information essential to attract people to New Brunswick for the event next year.

“Today, we are proud to officially launch the website for ACPA 2014 –,” expressed Rayburn Doucett, BPA President & CEO, “later this week BPA will be hosting a luncheon to promote next years’ event where I will have the opportunity to address the audience to extend an invitation for everyone to join us next year in Belledune. Additionally, there will be a video playing in the background with clips of the Port of Belledune and some of our favorite attractions from northern New Brunswick. On behalf of the Members of our Board of Directors and the entire Staff of the Belledune Port Authority we look forward to welcoming everyone to Belledune! There really is No Shore Like the North Shore — That’s for sure!”

For more information:

Jenna MacDonald Director of Marketing

Twitter:     @portofbelledune #ACPA2014 Website:


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