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Belledune Port Authority and Mi’gmaq First Nation Communities Sign First of Its Kind Agreement in Ca

Saint John, NB – Today, the Belledune Port Authority and eight of the nine Mi’gmaq First Nations of New Brunswick officially launched their Relationship, Engagement and Consultation Protocol. The Protocol, was established to set out the roles and responsibilities for the Port Authority, First Nation communities and potential clients wishing to conduct business at the Port.

The Port Authority, located on the unceded traditional land of the Mi’gmaq People, and its First Nations neighbors have developed a proactive approach to building respectful and collaborative relationship when potential economic developments are considered for at the Port.

“We at the Port recognize the heritage of our First Nation neighbors with the territory and the importance of their inclusion in the growth of the economy in our shared region of the province.” commented Denis Caron, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Port Authority.

The Protocol includes steps and procedures for a standardized process for the relationship building and proponent engagement exercise for potential clients seeking to conduct their business at the Port. Co-owned by the Port and the First Nation communities, the Protocol provides the steps for practical, transparent and respectful approach to adequate and purposeful engagement, and meaningful consultation and accommodation, where appropriate.

Chief David Peter-Paul of the Pabineau First Nation and executive member of the Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn states that, “The Protocol represents an important step in community and business leadership. We are proud to be co-owners of a first of its kind agreement in the corporate sector in Canada. Our communities have important contributions to make to economic development.”

The Relationship, Engagement and Consultation Protocol was signed today in Saint John , where in 1778 Fort Howe was the location of the signing of the renewal of the Treaty Relationship of Peace and Friendship to continue to follow the Mi’gmaq way of life.

For more information contact:

Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority 506-522-1203

Chief David Peter-Paul Pabineau First Nation 506 480-0107


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