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Belledune Port Authority (BPA) Releases 2014 Financial Results

Belledune, NB – Mr. Barry Kyle, Chairman of the Board of Directors, of the Belledune Port Authority (BPA), released the 2014 Financial Results and Annual Report today at the BPA’s fifteenth Annual General Public Meeting at the Belledune Recreation and Cultural Centre.

“The Belledune Port Authority once again concluded 2014 with a strong financial performance. In 2014, we adopted a business plan that maps out the future course of action for the port. We believe this plan will ensure continued growth of volume and traffic that will attract new business ventures, which will provide a measure of prosperity and employment to northern New Brunswick,” said Mr. Barry Kyle, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Our role in the region is very important to us and we continuously seek to meet the highest levels of sound business ethics. Corporate responsibility is embedded in the daily business activities of our employees. We also strive to make important progress in social and environmental areas.”

BPA President & CEO, Mr. Rayburn Doucett stated that: “The year 2014 closed on an exceptionally positive note confirming the excellent state of our operations and growth potential. The year 2014 was very positive for the Port of Belledune on many facets: during the year, we have successfully finalized a lease agreement with our Terminal 1 Operator, Glencore Canada Corporation-Brunswick Smelter; we welcomed several new business partners; and we proudly hosted the 56th Annual Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) AGM & Conference which welcomed over 160 delegates to our beautiful area to experience true northern hospitality.”

Again, in 2014, the Port met its financial targets with net profits of $1.8M and a total cargo volume of 1.655M tonnes handled, while 61 vessels called on the Port.

BPA’s net income for the 2014 fiscal year was $1,861,512. This year’s impressive result is due to a combination of factors that included dedicated staff, skilled managers and clear direction from the Board of Directors. Other changes such as marketing initiatives, cost management and corporate direction are clearly preparing the BPA for an even more optimistic future as Belledune… Unlimited!


For more information, please contact: Rayburn Doucett President & CEO Belledune Port Authority (506) 522-1200(506) 522-1200

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