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Belledune Port Authority joins Green Marine

Belledune, NB, May 1, 2017 – The Port of Belledune, a world class deep water facility with exceptional year round cargo handling capacity on the East Coast, is the newest participant in Green Marine, the largest voluntary environmental certification program for the maritime industry in North America.

“We’re absolutely delighted to welcome the Port of Belledune within the Green Marine program,” said David Bolduc, Green Marine’s Executive director. “We are proud to now regroup all Canadian port authorities within our environmental program. It shows the commitment to sustainability of the whole port industry.”

The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) already has environmental management systems in place and takes pride in its outstanding track record in security and environment. “We want to be proactive and Green Marine can guide us to further improve our environmental performance,” stated BPA President & CEO, Denis Caron. Our port stringently adheres to all regulations and we take our role in safeguarding the environment very seriously.”

In 2014, Green Marine and the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the goal of jointly expanding efforts to reduce the marine industry’s environmental footprint. “With all 18 Canadian port authorities now Green Marine participants, the port industry is sending a clear message of its commitment and involvement into continuously improving its environmental performance,” said ACPA President, Wendy Zatylny.

Green Marine’s environmental program offers a roadmap for port authorities, terminal operators and shipping lines to voluntarily surpass regulatory compliance. The comprehensive program addresses key environmental issues using 12 performance indicators that include reducing air emissions, minimizing community impacts, and demonstrating environmental leadership.

The Green Marine certification process is rigorous and transparent: results are independently verified every two years and each company’s individual results are published.

About the Port of Belledune

The Belledune Port Authority was incorporated as a federal not-for-profit commercial port authority on March 29, 2000 pursuant to the Canada Marine Act. The Port of Belledune offers modern equipment and infrastructure, which includes a barge terminal, a roll on-roll off terminal and Modular Component Fabrication Facility. The Port of Belledune is a year-round, ice-free, deep-water port that offers efficient stevedoring services. The Port has ample outdoor terminal storage space and several indoor storage facilities — a definite competitive advantage for bulk, break-bulk and general cargo handling. It deals with shipping companies and clients from around the world.

Green Marine overview

Green Marine is celebrating its 10th year! The North American environmental certification program is the maritime industry’s voluntary effort to surpass regulatory requirements. There are currently more than 110 companies – ship owners, port authorities, terminal operators and shipyards – from coast to coast in Canada and the United States participating in the program. The Green Marine program’s unique character derives from the support being earned from more than 50 environmental organizations and government agencies. These supporters contribute to shaping and revising the program.


For more information contact:

Manon Lanthier Communications Manager Green Marine T: 418-649-6004 Ext. 302 | C: 418-569-5110

Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority T: 506-522-1203

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