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Belledune Port Authority – New Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors

Hermel Vienneau, Chairperson

The Belledune Port Authority is pleased to welcome new leadership at the Board of Directors.  Appointed in January of 2021, Hermel Vienneau was elected Chair by his fellow directors during a Board meeting this September.  Joining him at the helm is Iris Auclair Bernard, who was elected Vice-Chair.

Mr. Vienneau was appointed by the province of New Brunswick to serve on the Board for an initial term of three years.  With a career that began with the newspaper L’Acadie Nouvelle, Hermel moved into government and served as President of the Regional Development Corporation, Deputy Minister of Environment & Local Government, and Vice-President for the New Brunswick division of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Ms. Auclair-Bernard is currently serving her first term as a board member and represents the Major Terminals class of users of the Port.  As a civil engineer, Iris has been a great addition to the Board of Directors during this time of infrastructure expansion at the Port.  Currently, the Quality and Process Manager of Design Built Mechanical Inc., Iris lends her expertise to local projects and construction.

The Belledune Port Authority is the steward of the Port of Belledune and is accountable to the federal government through Transport Canada.  The Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance to the Port Authority acting with the interest of the Port at the forefront of decision-making.

We welcome Mr. Vienneau and Ms. Auclair-Bernard to their new roles and look forward to continued success and growth at the Port.


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