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Belledune Port Authority now has 2 Certified Port Executives

Belledune, NB – The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) is please to announce that two of their Executive team completed the CPE Certified Port Executive training. Jenna Doucet, BPA Director of Marketing and Tracy Eddy, BPA Director of Engineering & Property Management completed the training on January 22, 2010.

Canada’s marine transportation system supports an industry that contributes over $10 billion to our economy and provides employment to nearly 100,000 Canadians. It consists of large and small ports that are vital to communities, shipping companies, shipbuilding companies and many related support industries that allow goods and people to move freely into and within our country.

In recognition of the increasing need for trained professionals, MacDonnell Group has developed the CPE Certified Port Executive course. This advanced training was piloted as a program designed for the Canadian National Defense Force and is based on a training program that was first offered in the United States to port and logistics professionals. The program includes a comprehensive syllabus designed for port and government professionals. Course topics include, but are not limited to, an overview of the worldwide intermodal transportation system; port and terminal operations; cargo management; safety and security; emergency planning and response; public and media relations; environmental management; and strategic, master, and business planning. The course will also be offered in the United States and other countries.

“I have always encouraged the BPA staff to upgrade their skills which become a vital asset to our port. I would like to congratulate Jenna and Tracy for taking the initiative to further their training. It is very important to have our team receive up to date training as the transportation industry is ever evolving,” says Rayburn Doucett, BPA President & CEO. “The knowledge and skills learned at the CPE Certified Port Executive course are fundamental for us to better serve our clients and to attract new ones at the Port of Belledune.”

Participants in this initial course included executives from the Souris Harbour Authority, PEI, Port of Yarmouth, NS, Belledune Port Authority, NB, and St. Anthony Port Authority, NFLD.  A great training opportunity for Atlantic Canadian port executives! – 30 –

For more information contact: Jenna Doucet, Director of Marketing 506-522-1200


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