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Belledune NB – Tanks destined for Russia began loading onto the M.V. Saimaagracht last week at the Port of Belledune!

Maritime Welding won the contract to build 10 large stainless steel tanks built in 2 pieces each with additional piping in April 2011. Since then, they have been steadily working to meet the targets of their client and exceed expectations. “We are very pleased to have worked with Eriez from Vancouver, BC over the past year. They were the direct customer of Maritime Welding without them this project would not have been possible,” says Danny Valley, General Manager or Maritime Welding. “Getting this project in the Chaleur region is a true testament of the skilled work force and the capacity of our SMEs to diversify their markets and be successful abroad: we have the people, we have the infrastructure and we have the expertise.”

This project represents the successful cooperation of several New Brunswick companies to make this fabrication, shipment and work possible. Eastern Canada Stevedoring (ECS), Cyber Freight Systems, East Coast Shrink Wrap and the Belledune Port Authority (BPA) all played a supportive role in making this project possible in northern New Brunswick while Maritime Welding lead the way and opened the doors to this new market.

The Tanks began arriving at the Port of Belledune in March and were stored on Terminal 3. Each of the 20 pieces weighs approximately 20,000 pounds, made from 316L stainless steel with a 18 foot diameter and are 14 feet high, making them over-sized cargo that ECS and the Port of Belledune specialize in handling.

“The Belledune Port Authority congratulates Maritime Welding for their hard work perseverance and most of all for taking on the challenge of exporting to a new market,” said Jenna MacDonald, Director of Marketing at the BPA. “This project is indicative of the work that fabrication companies in New Brunswick have been doing; successfully diversifying their markets, taking on challenges and working with experts available in the province such as Mr. Peter Clark at Cyber Freight Systems and oversized cargo experts at Eastern Canada Stevedoring who operate at the Port of Belledune.”

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For more information contact:

Jenna MacDonald, Director of Marketing Belledune Port Authority 1-506-522-1204

Danny Valley, General Manager Maritime Welding 1-506-547-0251/1-506-544-5589


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