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Northern New Brunswick ports agree to collaborate on low-carbon economic development opportunities

BELLEDUNE, NB – The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Port of Dalhousie to work collaboratively to pursue economic development opportunities for the northern region of New Brunswick.

The signing of an MOU with the Port of Dalhousie will allow the ports to strengthen their comprehensive bilateral partnership for the economic development and prosperity of northern New Brunswick. The MOU recognizes that cooperation in transitioning to safe, secure, reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy not only delivers mutual benefits, but is also required for the sustainable prosperity of communities in northern New Brunswick. In general, the MOU will allow for enhanced dialogue and co-operation in support of Canada’s transportation network.

The MOU will allow the Ports to share information on policy updates, market dynamics, port infrastructure developments, and reciprocal opportunities for shipping and receiving. The Ports will also act cooperatively regarding innovations and technology advancements that serve the needs of the maritime transport sector as it transitions to cleaner fuels and greener energy.

The MOU is the latest development in the BPA’s work to diversify the port’s business and develop a Green Energy Hub to drive economic development in the region and support New Brunswick’s leadership in the global transition to a low-carbon future.

This latest development follows an MOU the BPA has completed with Niedersachsen Ports Wilhelmshaven, Germany, to collaborate on the movement of dry and liquid bulk commodities, and manufactured products, between Canada and Germany, with a focus on clean fuels and green products.

The BPA also has signed an agreement in principle with Cross River Infrastructure Partners to develop a green hydrogen production facility at the northern New Brunswick port. This development agreement will support the BPA’s efforts to diversify its business and develop new industries fueled by renewable energy.


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