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Port partnerships increase diversification in the region

Belledune NB – The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) has been diligent in its efforts in creating partnerships to help diversify the business and create growth in northern New Brunswick.

The BPA has been assiduous in its efforts to diversify its operation and attract new potential projects to the Port of Belledune and to the region in northern New Brunswick. In the past five years alone the Port has reduced its economic dependency on NB Power by 15%, making the overall dependence less than 50%.

“The BPA has created meaningful relationships and partnerships with our neighboring First Nations communities, our business partners and most of all with our customers,” said Denis Caron, President & CEO of the BPA. “The ever-growing synergies with our customers to attract new business opportunities, optimize our infrastructure and create growth in northern New Brunswick is our top priority.”

Over the past year the Port of Belledune has handled 8 new commodities adding to its diverse cargo mix. Now, 24 different products are handled at the Port of Belledune’s marine facilities.

Through collaboration, the BPA has several new business ventures it hopes to see come to fruition in the coming months that all require cooperation. Working with partners like NB Power, we are able to play a role in influencing the diversification of the business at the Port and also support NB Power in their efforts to achieve the 2030 emission reduction levels set forth by the Provincial and Federal governments.

“Together, we are able to put our best ideas forward, our knowledge and expertise jointly achieve more than we could have individually,” added Mr. Caron. “The BPA remains optimistic regarding the future of NB Power in Belledune based on the solid business opportunities we are pursuing and the proactive approach NB Power’s business unit has taken to prepare for 2030.”

For more information contact:

Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority 506-522-1203 Press release – Port of Belledune and NB Power-ENGLISH-JLD-DEC142017.pdf


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