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Belledune NB – The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) invites proposals from interested and qualified entities (“Tenant”) to lease a portion or all of a fabrication facility in Belledune, New Brunswick next to the Port of Belledune. This industrial fabrication facility is located within 1 kilometer of the Port of Belledune.

New Brunswick has the opportunity to position itself as a Leading International Modular Fabrication Centre in the Metal Sector. The anchor development for this opportunity is a Modular Fabrication Centre precision design and specialized engineering to be located at the Port of Belledune, providing a world class, multi-purpose facility for fabrication, assembly and lay-out of pre-assembled steel units for local, national and international projects. These modular components would be transported by barge, truck or delivered by rail, depending on the destination and component specifications, to sites for final assembly.

Specifications and proposal documents are available at the Belledune Port Authority Office, 112 Shannon Drive, Belledune, NB (Telephone 506-522-1200). Proposal documents will also be available online at Prospective Operators should contact Tracy Eddy to schedule a site visit and to ask any questions you may have.

Tracy Eddy P.Eng. Director of Engineering and Property Management Belledune Port Authority 506-522-1200

The Port of Belledune is a deep sea port strategically located close to the entrance of the St-Lawrence River, the gateway to Central Canada and North America’s vast interior market. The Port’s proximity to Europe and the arctic provides shippers easy access to global markets. The port is also strategically positioned to provide excellent service for cargo that will be transited with Northern Provinces and Territories and eventually for traffic destined to the Arctic North West Passage which could propel Belledune as the Global Hub for North Eastern America.

-30- For more information contact:

Jenna Doucet, Director of Marketing 506-522-1204


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