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The Port of Belledune Breaks Metric Tonnage Record

Belledune, NB – The good results continue to show at the Port of Belledune this year. After reporting just last month about coming close to breaking the record of most tonnage handled in one month for June 2018, the Belledune Port Authority (BPA) is proud to announce that it has broken the record for the most tonnage handled at the Port of Belledune in a single month in July 2018!

As previously published, the metric tonnage handled in June 2018 was an impressive 346,710 MT. Surpassing this number the following month, the Port of Belledune handled a tremendous 402,172 MT in July 2018 alone and have officially broken the record for tonnage handled in one month!

The BPA has seen steady growth for several years now, and has come close to passing its record tonnage a few times in the past. Some notable months include not only June 2018, but also July 2005 with 380,007 MT handled, and June 2009 with 381,029 MT handled. Even more, the Port is now up to handling 24 products that are either exported from the Port to international markets, or are imported from various foreign countries.

Continuing on the road of success, the BPA is currently on pace to breaking another one of its records, which would be the total tonnage handled in one single year. Currently, the year with the most tonnage handled, and therefore holding the record, was in 2009, with a total of 2,627,722 MT. The reported actual tonnage handled this year from January 1st to July 31st is already at 1,534,985 MT. That is over half of the tonnage needed to surpass the established record! It is safe bet to say that the Port will either exceed the record amount this year, or will be very near to it. President & CEO Denis Caron is happy to share in the success. He has said about the Port of Belledune: “We believe it goes to show that even though our port is located in a small region, the possibilities for business opportunities are boundless. With creative minds, adaptability, and hard work from the valued employees and partners, we can continue to build on our connection to the world.”

The BPA will have a few opportunities to celebrate these great results this year. The BPA will be hosting their Family Day on September 16th for the community, and then the following week it will be hosting the Port of Belledune Annual Golf Tournament. The events will be made extra special not only due to the record breaking results, but also because this year marks the Port’s 50th anniversary. Regardless of the final results, it is believed the Port of Belledune will continue on its mission and strive to have steady and reliable business growth month after month for years to come.

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Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority 506-522-1203 July 2018 Record Month – ENG – MKTG – JLV – AUG082018 Updated by JMD Aug 8 2018.pdf


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