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The Port of Belledune continues to see rising numbers

Belledune, NB – The Port of Belledune is having another very successful year, and that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon! The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) has compiled its data and is pleased to report that the month of June was very close to being a record breaking month in terms of tonnes of cargo handled in one single month!

The amount of cargo handled at the Port of Belledune in June was a whopping 346,710 metric tonnes! During the month of June, there were 14 vessels that called on the Port from all around the world. The BPA continues to strive for growth, and looking at the numbers, it is clearly succeeding. “Looking back in the year 2017, the month with the highest tonnage handled in one single month was in September, with 291,400 metric tonnes,” Denis Caron, President & CEO at the BPA said, “It’s great to see the numbers continuing to grow and knowing the future is still full of opportunity. Now we will be striving to beat the record to set a new standard for the best month!”

The BPA is proud of the work being done and contributes the success to valued partnerships. A large influencer on the BPA’s operations is the company and partner Eastern Canada Stevedoring. With their team of dedicated, skilled workers, and their state-of-the-art equipment, clients can trust that their cargo is well-handled. That is one of several reasons why the Port of Belledune is a top choice for shippers.

The Port can now add this moment to a year filled with reasons for celebration! Not only is the Port of Belledune celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018, which is a special moment in and of itself, but the BPA will also achieve the $1,000,000 mark of funds reinvested into the region through sponsorships and donations over the past ten years.

The BPA will continue working towards growth and its role as an economic driver in northern New Brunswick; with its ability to identify opportunities and add value, the BPA is setting up for another 50 years of successful operation and the ability to give back to the community who have supported the Port all these years.

For more information contact:

Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority 506-522-1203


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