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The Port of Belledune welcomes requests for donations

The Belledune Port Authority (BPA) would like to remind communities in the region that the new year brings with it new opportunities to summit a request for a donation from the Port.

As of 2008, the BPA implemented a policy stating that up to 5% of its Net Income would be designated as donations/sponsorships to support initiatives and organizations in the local community.

In 2016 alone, the Belledune Port Authority donated more than $75,000.00 within the region.

“The BPA is proud to support the community by supporting local events through participation, involvement and sponsorship,” said Denis Caron, President & CEO of the BPA. “Our efforts are always community-oriented and we strongly believe in being a good corporate citizen.”

The BPA has supported various organizations over the past few years including the Children’s Wish Foundation, the Bathurst Volunteer Centre, the Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick, the New Brunswick Association of Food Banks and the MS Walk just to name a few.

“Being a part of our community and having the support of our community is a privilege that we are very proud to have,” said Caron. “Going forward we will continue to give back to the community and the region.”

To summit a request for donation, sponsorship, or prize please follow the link below.

The Belledune Port Authority has a Donation Committee which meets four times a year to consider each request received. The meeting schedule can be found on the website at:

For more information contact:

Denis Caron President & CEO Belledune Port Authority (506) 522-1203

Press release – The Port of Belledune welcomes donation requests-FINAL-MKTG-AD-March 29 2017.pdf


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