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Community-based committee to advise on green energy growth at Belledune

BELLEDUNE, NB: A new community-led advisory committee has been appointed to explore opportunities and challenges related to green energy developments at the Port of Belledune. 

The Community Workforce Development Committee will provide a forum for information sharing and feedback with a focus on opportunities identified by the Belledune Port Authority (BPA)  and Northern New Brunswick’s transition to clean energy. 

The committee, co-chaired by Roger Clinch and Betty-Ann Fortin will also identify economic impacts and opportunities for the region, plan for jobs and training, engage in community outreach, and make recommendations that will support a clean-energy industrial transition for the region.

“We are committed to working with our community, including rights holders, to ensure people are informed and engaged with the vision and projects planned at the Port,” said CEO Denis Caron. “We look forward to sharing our plan, exploring opportunities and challenges together, while ensuring concerns are heard and benefits are shared.”  

This committee includes members from the Restigouche, Chaleur and Acadian Peninsula regions, and the Mi’gmaq communities of Pabineau and Eel River Bar, along with representatives from the provincial government and BPA. 

Funding for the committee is provided by the Government of New Brunswick’s Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and the BPA. 

“Over the next few decades, the Port is poised to change dramatically which will require significant planning and collaboration,” said the Minister Responsible for the Regional Development Corporation Réjean Savoie. “We’re pleased to support the launch of this committee that will bring various community stakeholders together and will be crucial to the future development of the region.”

Minister Savoie was speaking on behalf of Minister of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour (PETL) Arlene Dunn. 

The committee will meet quarterly for the next 18 months and report publicly on its activities. It will sponsor public events to ensure community participation. 

Committee Co-Chairs

Betty-Ann Fortin

Born and raised in Restigouche, Betty-Ann has built a 25-year career driving economic growth and prosperity in her community. She is known as a conscientious and responsible leader who gets results. Since 2013, she has served in senior leadership positions with the Restigouche Regional Service Commission, including her current role as CEO. Prior to that, she served as Executive Director of Enterprise Restigouche. Fluently bilingual, Betty-Ann holds a Certified Economic Development Designation (Ec.D.) from the Economic Development Association of Canada (EDAC), University of Waterloo.

Roger Clinch

Lifelong Bathurst resident Roger Clinch has dedicated his life to public service and industry leadership. He has served his community as Mayor, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary. He built a 25-year career in leadership positions with Xstrata Zinc before retiring as manager of Xstrata Zinc, Ireland. Roger is also a proud graduate of St. Thomas University and the Universite de Moncton.


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